Swiss Cougar Oxford Infrared Thermometer – Solid White Only

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    Normal body temperature is considered to be between 36.5 °C – 37.5 °C and having a temperature above 37,5 °C is a good indication that your body might be fighting an infection. These accurate, non-touch thermometers act as an ideal first line of defence for any workplace and will allow you to screen all staff and customers in a safe and convenient way. Measures temperatures between a range of between 32 – 43 degrees Celsius, with a maximum accuracy variance of 0.2 degrees Celsius.ABS & PCB 15 ( l ) x 10 ( w ) x 5 ( h )Measuring distance: 3 – 5cm.Measuring time: 1 second.Digital screen display.Automatic shutdown after 1 minute.Simple and practical to operate: one-button measurement; one-button conversion mode; one-button search.Light warning: green, yellow and red backlights indicate whether the body temperature is normal, low fever or high fever.Multi-group memory: Unit can store up to 50 sets of measurements for analysis and comparison.Requires 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (batteries not included) As registration of this device with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) is still pending, it cannot be sold as a medical device. This model is FDA accredited, and is sold within the USA as a medical device.