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Starlight Highlighter

R13.75 (excl. VAT)
Functional , fun and colourful. 3-in-1 colours . Star shape, white body with pink, yellow, blue, orange and green chisel
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Jigsaw Binder Clips

R12.71 (excl. VAT)
20 PIECES . Whether you need to secure a stack of documents or add a touch of colour to your
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Topaz Highlighter Ball Pen

R6.51 (excl. VAT)
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HB Pencils – Pack of 10

R9.52 (excl. VAT)
The all-purpose pencil, the HB lead is designed for easy writing, drawing, and erasing Pack of 10 pencils made from
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Mini-Me Memo Clips

R21.74 (excl. VAT)
GIFT-629 MINI-ME MEMO CLIPS plastic frosted container 4.7 ( l ) x 4.7 ( w ) x 5.5 ( h
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Swirl Eraser – Blue Only

R4.34 (excl. VAT)
Size 5.3 ( l ) x 2.5 ( w ) x 1.2 ( h ) ABS and synthetic rubber
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Basix Plastic Sharpener

R1.03 (excl. VAT)
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Argo Stapler

R41.86 (excl. VAT)
Unique stapler with rubberized grip for easy and painless stapling. Designed to stand up. A great desk giveaway. ABS –
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Happy-Me Sticky Flags & Paper Clips

R25.11 (excl. VAT)
This fun set features a smiling head with concealed magnet to hold colourful paperclip “hair”, and three different pads of
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Syringe Highlighter

R5.73 (excl. VAT)
AS / 13.4 ( l ) x 2.5 ( w ) x 1.5 ( h )
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Puzzle Paper Clips

R9.88 (excl. VAT)
80 PIECES – Designed to keep your sheets of paper together, paper clips are excellent tools for temporary binding. When
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R44.31 (excl. VAT)
12 pieces stationery set with 2 Pencils 6 Colouring pencils 1 Sharpener 1 Eraser Ruler incorporated in the lid of
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