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Mesa Tote Bag

R22.42 (excl. VAT)
Non-woven Bag ● Laminated in a metallic gloss finish to add a rich look to your logo ● Has comfortable

Okiyo Taikai Cotton Tote

R65.99 (excl. VAT)
Description Made from strong, durable 220gsm natural cotton canvas, this versatile bag is suitable for conferences, events, shopping or even

Ecojute Okavango Natural Fibre Tote

R70.77 (excl. VAT)
The high-quality Jute shopping bag is the perfect reusable eco-friendly bag ideal for grocery shopping or trade shows. It features

Okiyo Yoshi Jute Tote

R70.77 (excl. VAT)
Our Okiyo Yoshi Jute Tote celebrates durability and modern-day functionality with a combination of jute and cotton. Make a natural

Okiyo Inshu Cotton Wine Tote

R38.92 (excl. VAT)
Made from a combination of natural cotton and jute materials, this bag can be used to carry your bottle of

Viva Shopper

R18.95 (excl. VAT)
Product Size: 38(W) x 30(L) x 9(D)cm Material: 80gsm Non Woven

Okiyo Yasashii Jute Shopper

R35.37 (excl. VAT)
Make an eco-fashion statement with our natural jute shopper, with long, shoulder-length cotton handles. 35 ( l ) x 40